Corporate Testimonials

Nandini Sarkar

Diversity & Inclusion Leader, Cummins India.

“A set of professionals with a fiery passion to make a difference. I wish Siddharth, Divya & the entire team TALI my best.”

Gauri Kacherikar

Head of Application Development,
Delivery Manager, D & I

“It was insightful to be mentored by Siddharth & Divya at the Sandvik Asia Diversity Awards, I look forward to being associated with them in the long term and wish them all the success”

Deodatta Karandikar

Divisional Manager – Network Training & Dealer Standards, FCA India Automobiles Private Limited

“Siddharth & Divya are a conscientious and a hardworking team. I was truly impressed by their presentation on ‘Automotive Hospitality’ delivered to the FCA Leadership. Although my interaction with them has been brief, I wish them continued success in their future endeavours.”

Sanjay Jayram

Executive Vice President – Sales & Marketing, JSW Steel Ltd

“The knowledge and skill-sets that Team TALI possesses in the ‘Learning & Development’ space is worth a mention. They have done a few interventions for us at JSW with excellent results. The eternally upbeat nature of Siddharth & Divya is infectious and this differentiates them from the rest of the pack of Trainers. Their training methodology is based on  simple and structured   approaches  which is motivational, intelligent and engaging.”

Sunil Dutt

President Devices and Sales & Distribution, Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd.

“Divya & I have known each other for 12 years now and have worked together on various projects. She exemplifies the skill set needed to succeed in this era of IOT. The Advanced Learning Institute is one of the best service providers in the country for employees’ learning and development needs and we are proud to be working with them. I wish Divya & Siddharth continued success and lots of accolades in the near future.”

Atul Choudary

Human Resources Identity Management & Citizen Services, India

“I have been acquainted with Divya Jaitly for almost a decade now. She is a highly regarded and extremely competent professional. Her values can also be seen in her organization – The Advanced Learning Institute. It’s a pleasure working with Team T. A. L. I. as they are highly ethical and easy to work with. They think creatively and effectively communicate their ideas in the area of performance consulting. I look forward to having a long term association with Divya & Siddharth.”

JSW Steel Ltd


“Siddharth & Divya are highly qualified and have delivered excellently well, keeping it interactive and full of activities”

“Trainers were excellent & they interact with all candidates very nicely. Examples, videos & data shared was very useful”

“Both trainers are very good in their delivery. They made the environment very comfortable and enjoyable. The topic was covered very well in the overall presentation”

“It was crisp, precise & very well conducted by both speakers, specially the knowledge about Kinesics, Proxemics & Emotional Intelligence”

“Very useful, lots of learning about professional ethics & how to achieve work – life balance, specially as a woman employee”

“Team TALI has helpful trainers and extremely good knowledge which is relevant to the industry. They are clear, concise, complete & correct”

Anirvan Sen

Director HR, UBS

“UBS Pune had a very interesting and useful session with select speakers from TALI on the International Women’s Day in 2016. In the talk, UBS employees got some useful tips on executive presence and the art of ‘leaning in’. The session was light and interactive, with the focus being to impart some actionable tips and tricks that can be implemented immediately. Look forward to many more such sessions on different themes for professional development from the talented TALI team.”

Dr. Akash Khurana

Actor, Vice Chairman Nimbus Communications Ltd, Founder & CEO – Syzygy

“I am pleased to know that Pune will now be host to a top class institute, offering a much-needed opportunity to aspiring youngsters. With the accomplished and dynamic Dr. Divya Jaitly at its helm, the institute will provide a perfect pedestal towards those who avail of its services. My best wishes to ‘Divya Jaitly & The Advanced Learning Institute’ for a successful foray into the future.”

Amit Swami

Middle Management level, Akzo Noble

“I am super excited to receive this certificate from TALI. My mentors inspired me a lot to become the best version of myself.”

Sachin Dubey

IT Professional 13yrs exp. TCS

“I joined TALI to improve my presentation skills. Thank you Siddharth Sir for your valuable guidance.”

Neeraja Joshi

HR Professional, ICube logic

“I am very happy to receive the certificate from TALI. I am more confident now, thanks to my mentors. I will make my trainers proud.”

Other Testimonials

Seema Vaidya


“As a parent, I could get a perfect institute to prepare my son for the soft skills required, which is very essential. Perfect place to make students ready for industry.”

Vinod Shingne

Test Lead

“Very Interactive sessions rather than just a training session. There is at least one takeaway from each of these sessions. A Big THANK YOU.”

Ajay Dhope

Tech Lead

“The content covered & relative facts, examples given were awesome. Thanks for giving insights to know our self-better.”

Shivling Ivanagi

Senior SDET

“The content was well organized and easy to follow. Variety of anecdotes and examples, Distilled knowledge, simple but exhaustive sessions.”

Yogeshwar Kadam

Team Lead (Tech)

“The content of the topics and the activities done are excellent and the faculties who delivered it are very knowledgeable.”

Priyanka Nambiar

Scrum Master

“The topics for Leadership Program are relevant and were supported by examples. Impactful sessions, will have lasting impression. Divya and Siddharth are very knowledgeable, and inspiring.”

Hole Vinay

Business Analyst

“It was a very good training program which will help us to shape our future journey.”

Sandali Tiwari

Content Strategist

“Training Sessions were enriching, highly interactive, lot of lessons for both professional and personal life. The program design was holistic and covered all the essentials of a “Leadership Training Modules”.”

Amol Khanorkar

“The sessions were very engaging, Good examples included. It helped me in my Professional as well as in my personal life.”

Mahesh Patil

“Activities conducted throughout the sessions were excellent. I would definitely recommend these sessions to others.”

Nupur Shinde

“It was a two-way interaction. Activity time was fun and the examples were relevant.“

Prashant Shukla

“All the sessions taught how to make work and daily life easy with soft skills. Overall it was a good experience.“

Bunty Thakur

“The activity time that kept us engaged towards the topic and we could open up our minds. Overall Experience good.“

Sripackia Pillai

“Our Participation and interaction in the sessions was good. I liked the activities conducted during the sessions. This training experience will be useful in my work.“

Tejashree Shejul

“The activities conducted during the sessions were related to the topics that helped us to understand the topic well. This training experience will be useful in my work.“

Ankita Pillai

“The sessions were very good. It included the real-life examples. The trainers were knowledgeable about the training topics.“


“The content of the sessions was organized and easy to follow. It helped us to use the soft skills in the professional and personal life“

Bharat Parte

“The objectives of the training were clearly defined and the content was very good. I would recommend these sessions to others.“

Snehal Joshi

“The sessions included equal participation from the participants. All the doubts and questions were addressed by the trainers.“

Sayali Pande

“The interaction between the trainers and the participants were excellent. Most of the sessions had substantial matter and it was easy to follow. The trainers were knowledgeable about the training topics.“

Nishant Kanwadkar

“The way the sessions conducted was excellent. The content was organized. I liked the explanations given by the trainers.“