As organizations become more complex, executives must achieve results through others, managing multiple and continuous change initiatives. The task of leadership is becoming more challenging, as there is a need to focus on employee development rather than employee evaluation. Our research shows that organizations that successfully develop and build-on multi-generational teams, communication differences and overall diversity are more innovative, ultimately giving them a strategic edge.

These interventions focus on the specific needs & capabilities of employees while providing the knowledge & support they need to succeed in their personal & professional goals thereby increasing their efficiency, lowering attrition & accelerating organizational growth.


Collaboration with Hr/ L&D Team.

Sessions focusing on actual projects, issues, and goals.

Custom based sessions.


Motivation, Hands-on training program, Exposition, Direction of activity, Direction of activity, Criticism

Live examples, Interaction with Subject matter expert.


Global Business Code & Cross-Cultural Communication

Four step program to Diversity Management, it’s Business Impact – Strategies & Approach; Business Etiquettes with respect to different global cultures; Breaking the glass ceiling – essentials of being a Successful Woman Leader; Effective Communication; Work-Life Balance; Emotional Intelligence; Rebooting your second careers; How to encourage..

Personal Branding and Image Consulting

Verbal /Non-Verbal Communication (Professional Grooming); Networking & Interpersonal Skills; Business Communication; Effective Time Management & Goal Setting; Managing Stress & Empathy; Leadership Skills (Executive Presence, Conflict Management & Communication Styles); Ability to plan & execute difficult conversations; Essentials of successful teams.

Hospitality Management & Luxury Client Servicing

Defining luxury through bespoke customer service; Guest Experience – Key Brand Differentiator; Automotive Hospitality; Conflict Management & Negotiation Skills; Making an impactful first impression; Enhanced Client Experience – Healthcare; Business Protocol – Kinesics & Proxemics; Understanding the customer behavior – luxury industry.

Empowering Millennial Leaders & Reverse Mentoring

CPD – Continual Professional Development & Personal Effectiveness; Leveraging social networking; Building a collaborative & social culture; Keeping technology at the forefront; Benefits of Reverse Mentoring; Difference between a Coach & a Mentor; Tips for Mentors & Mentees; incorporating Reverse Mentoring within existing company mentoring.



Café Peter Donut

Attendees: Manager, Owner & Staff

Vodafone Services

Attendees: Regional HR Leaders

World Bank Group

Attendees: Global Client Servicing Team


Attendees: Executive & Personal Assistants

Sigma Electric

Attendees: Leadership Team & Mid Level Managers


Attendees: Corporate HR/L&D leaders

Uth Healthcare

Attendees: National Sales Managers


Attendees: Women Employees Across Seniority Levels

Seed Infotech

Attendees: Management Graduates