Why should I post on LinkedIn?

Linkedin Significance

I was recently invited by the #CEO of a Global Manufacturing Org. to address his Senior Leadership Team on the importance of having an online presence. In addition to the above question, some of the others included

🔹I’ve managed to be successful without being active on LinkedIn for so long, why do I need to change that now?

🔸My clients & the people within my network know how to reach me.

🔹I know I’m good at what I do, why do I need to proclaim that to the world?

And so on..

With #Linkedin having over 590M global members, (53M just in India) – Remember that millennials & Gen Z doesn’t care about designations, business cards, past accolades or accomplishments. What value & relevance do you offer TODAY?

While there have been thousands of articles on why having a active #LinkedIn presence is important, I’m sharing my top 4 reasons & would love to hear your “WHY” too ..

🔺Increased Brand Visibility – for you and your org. This becomes even more important if you’re an entrepreneur and building your own brand!

🔺Enhance Trust – Showcase your thought process and “x-factor” to current & potential clients.

🔺Thought Leadership – increased awareness among current employees with regards to your role & its challenges.

🔺Preferred Employer Branding – aimed at attracting future talent or business partnerships.

In summary, people do business with people that they trust and having an active presence on LinkedIn is a unique & authentic way for people to get to know you online before they decide to connect offline. What’s your WHY to be online?

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