Leadership Clinic for Women


In a dynamic world crowded with “leadership development” options, these sessions enrich the individual with research-based tools that actually work and that can be implemented immediately. TALI’s Leadership Clinic is designed to provide an immersive experience to engage young professionals with the profession and each other. The Leadership Clinic empowers you to be a more compelling leader, knowledgeable communicator, and an effective manager. With collective training executed for more than 500 people across three continents on leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, strategic planning, and cross-cultural communication, we’ll train you to be a leader whose values are aligned with personal & organizational growth.

The experience has been carefully designed to keep pace with our rapidly evolving environment; addressing the reality of our young professionals practicing in not only a global context but a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment. Rather than teach and practice models of leadership that are static and context-specific, the TALI Leadership Clinic is designed to focus on developing an adaptive mindset in the young leader and promotes flexible, strategic and future-minded thinking reflective, honest self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses improved understanding of best practices of managing others as well as cross-teaming with colleagues
increased accountability and solution driven mindset









We believe that leadership is a behavioral learning process, not an individual quality and leaders are made, not born. If you’re at all interested in working with other people more effectively, this Clinic is probably for you!

There are various elements in this field of learning and depending on your personal & organizational goals, it could take anywhere between 16 – 30 hours.

Our primary ‘content’ is a collection of frameworks called Leadership Essentials. Each Essential is a symbol, acronym, or short phrase distilled from wide-ranging research and experience. They are simple enough to draw in the dirt and complex enough to drive custom organizational development solutions for companies across various industries. The Essentials were born out of a desire to take inaccessible research and democratize it to make it more learning friendly, globally accessible and scalable across whole organizations and cultures.

Please call or email for an appointment with our Master trainers, who will advise you the course based on your career roadmap and skill set. It is completely customized to your needs.

You should be a working professional with minimum of 1 year of work experience.

TALI certificate, networking opportunities, new skills and confidence.

Two full days scheduled over a weekend (10 am – 4 pm).

Yes, if your mentoring exceeds 10 sessions, then you can pay in two installments.

  • Powerful Speech Structures
  • Enhanced Delivery Techniques
  • Appropriate Body Language
  • Art of Making Impactful presentations

Based on the principles of enable, engage and empower. These sessions are experiential and interactive in nature. With role-plays, the focus is on ‘learning by doing’.