Month: May 2019

Leadership Lessons

Last week I was fortunate enough to accompany my dad to a reunion of his Indian Army Unit. He served with the 2nd Lancers (GH), one of the oldest (200 years +) and most highly decorated armored regiments of the Indian Army for over 30 years. The 3 days that I spent in Secunderabad interacting [...]

An educational makeover!

How can the Indian educational system continue to maintain its standing in the global landscape? Additional academic options (more than the basic arts / commerce / sciences) I recently met someone who was studying to be a therapist while also learning French. Similarly, rather than limiting the academic options that a student has after their […]

Friends AND successful Co-Founders?

Not having the right co-founder or team is repeatedly acknowledged as one of the top reasons why most startups fail. While starting up with a friend has its share of advantages (trust, personal history, similar values etc.), it does also come with its downside (mixing personal vs. professional roles, preconceived biases etc.). Having recently gone […]